Forensic Audit Services | HTB Consulting

Our Forensic Audit Services encompass a variety of Fraud Risk Management and Fraud Investigation Services as a response to client preferences to improving management and the board’s systems and processes on the governance of anti-corruption strategies (prevention, detection, response and admiration of fraud management).

We have access to a qualified team of admitted attorneys, Forensic Digital and Accountants and ACFE accredited Investigators to provide you with an exclusive quality service.

Our services include:

  • Forensic Investigations;
  • Digital forensic audit;
  • Presiding on disciplinary hearings;
  • Fraud risk assessments;
  • Fraud prevention policies and Plans;
  • Fraud Maturity reviews;
  • Anti-Fraud Consulting, etc

Client references:

The table below provides a list of the relevant current and previous assignments of HTB Consulting pertaining to forensic audit services.

Forensic Audit Services

Contact Details
Investigation of Alleged Cash Leakages and Accounting Fraud
KZN Growth Fund Trust
031 372 3737
(Project Manager)
Investigation into Irregular Appointment of a Service Provider
KZN Provincial Internal Audit Services
033 897 4200
(Project Manager)
Investigation of irregular and wasteful expenditure
Luthuli Museum
032 559 6822
(Chief Executive Officer)
Investigation of irregular and wasteful expenditure
Mandeni Local Municipality
032 456 8200
(Municipal Manager)
Investigation of irregular and wasteful expenditure
Municipal Demarcation Board
011 005 5522
Review & Implementation of the Fraud Prevention Plan
Alfred Nzo District Municipality
Eastern Cape
039 254 5105
(Risk Manager)
Forensic Investigation into Irregularities on Agricultural Scheme
Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency
Eastern Cape
043 704 5700
(Manager- Internal Audit)

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