About Us | HTB Consulting

  • Our firm is a 100% black owned consulting firm of specialising in a range of Audit, Business Advisory, Information Technology and Forensic Audit and Consulting services.
  • HTB Consulting was established in 2007 by Thembela Mzolo and Hlonelwa Zantsi as main members.
  • The firm is 70% female owned and this is in line with our long-term equity aspirations.
  • We are also a level one (1) BBBEE contributor as a result of our involvement in uplifting socio-economic development initiatives and environmental conservation.
  • HTB is led by Thembela Mzolo as Chief Executive Officer, a seasoned Auditor with vast leadership, strategic and technical experience to guide the strategic direction of the firm.

Our Vision

To be one of the preferred Audit, Business Advisory and Forensic Audit firms in South Africa by 2030.

Our Mission

By providing seamless and value-adding Audit, Business Advisory, IT and Forensic Audit and Consulting Services that exceed client expectations.

Our Services


Service Offering Mix

Forensic Audit Services

IT Business Solutions

Strategy Business Advisory

Financial Management Advisory

Assurance & Risk Management

Strategic Objectives

In order to pursue and achieve our vision, we have set the following measurable strategic objectives:

  • To penetrate the market and claim a sustainable market share.
  • To provide value-adding Audit, Business Advisory, IT and Forensic Audit and Consulting solutions that exceed client expectations.
  • To maximise profitability and going concern sustainability.
  • To accumulate knowledge and expertise through research and development and on-going professional development as foundations of our advice and business solutions to our clients.

Business Concept

Our approach is based on the “Business Partnership” concept, whereby our team and your management share responsibility for achieving goals set by the organisation.

Ethics, Integrity & Honesty

We will always uphold high ethical values, utmost integrity and honesty in servicing our clients


We will ensure that we service our clients with courtesy.


We will ensure that we render our service with excellence.

Independence & Objectivity

We will always be independent and objective in rendering assurance services to our clients.


We will handle client information with utmost confidentiality.

Professionalism & Diligence

We will continuously endeavour to demonstrate professionalism and diligence in all our client engagements.


We will always be prudent in our dealings and decisions with our clients’ engagements.

Knowledge & Development

We will strive for continuous research and development to enhance our business knowledge and that of our client.

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